Harold West


Harold West

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Mr. West is the managing partner of Fineman West and has been with the firm for more than 30 years. His extensive experience combined with his entrepreneurial, analytical mind; fierce devotion to his clients; and far-reaching network of contacts have boosted Fineman West into the ranks of Los Angeles’ most respected full-service CPA and business advisory firms.

Through his years of experience in both accounting and business, Mr. West has developed keen insight that enables him to see the story behind the numbers and solve his client’s problems in unique and creative ways. He has an entrepreneurial flair for preventing problems before they arise, and for identifying opportunities for his clients to grow and diversify in the future. His approach has proven to be a formula for success for hundreds of businesses.

Mr. West works with businesses of all sizes, interacting directly with the company CEOs, owners and presidents. He is dedicated to his clients and is accessible to them at all times. Mr. West has strong professional relationships with a large and diverse set of people (including in the Persian, Israeli and Korean communities), and he relishes using those relationships to his clients’ benefit.